Zen-Institut Deutschland

The Zen-Institut Deutschland (ZID) is the German branch of the International Zen Institute of America and Europe (IZIAE). This Zen community was founded in 1991.

ZID is a place of information and contact for the teachers and the regional German meditation groups. In these meditation groups people practise under the guidance of Zen teachers or meditation leaders. Beginners are offered an introduction into the practice of Zen. Some regional Zen groups also offer sesshins, intensive five or seven day meditation courses.

ZID organises regional congresses, seminars and offers meditation leaders of the IZIAE the possibility of follow up studies. They also organise regular sangha meetings to encourage mutual contact and to promote the exchange of experiences. A regular newsletter keeps the sangha members informed.

To keep in touch with other Buddhist organisations ZID is associated with the Deutschen Buddhistishen Union (DBU). They support the DBU by participating in committees and congresses.

For more information see the website of ZID.