Hogo Dienske

Water and Mathematics
Hogo Dienske (1943) was born in Maassluis, a little village near a river close to the North Sea. He feels connected to water in a such way that he cannot understand how other people can live far away from it.

Hogo has been a mathematics teacher for more than thirty years. He feels that mathematics and Zen share the same beauty, although mathematics is at the same time tougher and easier than Zen.

Zen past
At the beginning of the eighties, after a midlife crisis, Hogo started with yoga and Zen. In the beginning he practised mainly Iyengar Yoga. Later he concentrated more on Zen. In 1986 he met Prabhasa Dharma, Zenji and got under her spell. His big dream: "To go into the sanzen room again with my worn out koan and look into her unforgettable eyes."

Hogo played the flute for many years before he started Zen meditation. Zen improved his breathing in such a way that for the first time he enjoyed what he played. Zen also enhances one's awareness and attention. This made it possible for Hogo to play the flute and at the same time not lose control over his playing.

Zen present
On his house-boat in Amsterdam, Hogo teaches Zen. Slow walking meditation becomes a special pleasure when a ship passes by and the house-boat starts to swing softly.

His favorite Zen poet is the Japanese Ryokan.

How can we ever lose
interest in life?
It is spring again and the cherry trees
bloom in the mountains.


email: m.dienske@zonnet.nl