Kōgetsu Steenman

Maria Kōgetsu studied at the school of performing arts in Amsterdam and has been living in Abcoude for a long time now, near to her three daughters and three grandchildren. She worked as a mime teacher, as a teacher of self-defense, as a trainer for aggression and sexual intimidation, and as a care taker and supervisor in health care. Currently she is being trained in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). She volunteers as a language coach for refugees. She plays the piano and writes songs ans poems.

She started zen meditation in the eighties and became a student of Jishin Hendriks (now Tetsue roshi) in the late nineties. Since 2007 she guides meditation groups in Abcoude and Bloemendaal and she supports the meditation group in Hilversum. She is chairman of IZIN. In june 2016 she was ordained as a zen teacher by Jiun Hogen roshi and received the name Kōgetsu, Radiant Moon.

email: mariasteenman@gmail.com