Jishin Tetsue roshi

Tetsue roshi (1957) was trained as a developmental psychologist and is currently working as a self-employed mediator, coach/ child specialist in collaborative divorce and child curator, specialized in complex divorce cases and arrangements of parental access and caretaking, where her attention is focused on the children involved. She also trains judges and lawyers working in that field and serves as mediator in international child abduction cases.

In 1978 she started practicing zen and from 1983 she was a student of Prabhasa Dharma zenji, who made her a zen teacher in 1995. In 2002 she was ordained as osho by Jiun Hogen roshi, who gave her transmission as a zen master in 2016 and on that occasion gave her the name Tetsue roshi (Blessed with Wisdom). She guides sesshins in Spain and at Noorder Poort, among which is a yearly family sesshin. Also, she published a book with zen stories for children: By the light of the moon.

email: jishin@anaguia.nl