Ordinations, ordinations, ordinations

Not once, not twice, but three times we had a big celebration at Noorder Poort.

On May 5, 2016, Jiun roshi gave dharma transmission to Jishin osho. The date was carefully selected by Jiun roshi: on that same date in 1999, Prabhasa Dharma zenji made her a zen master. This year, it was also the start of the yearly family retreat guided by Jishin osho. And on top of that, May 5 in Holland is liberation day.

Participants welcome Tetsue roshi with flowers

The transmission ceremony itself was a private affair between Jiun roshi en Jishin osho. As part of the ceremony, Jishin received the name Tetsue (Blessed with Wisdom) and the title roshi. The participants of the family retreat were informed beforehand, so that the new zen master was welcomed with flowers and songs.

Tetsue roshi (left) and Jiun Hogen roshi before the altar in the memorial room

On June 26 a ceremony was held in which Jiun roshi ordained six of her students as Zen teachers, in the presence of family members and friends. The new teachers, from left to right on the photograph, are Karin Myoshin Zeitler, Marja Shinyo Timmer, Marleen Myoko Sint, Marjolein Kyosei Verboom, Jolinda Daishin van Hoogdalem and Maria Kogetsu Steenman (the middle name is the name they received as teachers).

At the second of August, at the end of the dai-sesshin, there was the tokudo shiki ceremony for Barbara de Zoete, who now continues her training at Noorder Poort as an unsui with the name Jikai.

Barbara was not the only one to be shaved: Nina, our eldest Shetland pony, had to be shaved as well in order to endure the heat.

And when the grass was "shaved" as well, all storks from the neighborhood came by for a snack!