February 2016 - The new year has already begun...

Sometimes time seems to pass faster than... well, than what? It seems a long time ago already: the New Years retreat and the Rohatsu, which this time was guided by Hogo; the autumn training and the summer training in which Jacky, at the end of the last dai-sesshin, took the Bodhisattva precepts.

The winter training is over as well. To give Jiun roshi the opportunity to completely focus on moving from the office house to the Zen master house, this whole training was guided by Jishin osho. From one season to the next, but this time no pictures of Noorder Poort under a layer of snow. Although: there was snow when Jiun roshi moved to the new house, and Klaas came to Noorder Poort on his bicycle dressed as if the temperature was at least 15 degrees.


Yes, the zen master house has been completed! And this is what it looks like:




And of course the kinhin paths were used well, and also in late autumn there was work to be done in the vegetable garden.


Finally, a resolution for the new year: to update this blog more often!