April 2012

In the weekend of April 1 the first meeting of a new training program was held: the Dharma Teacher Training (DTT). A number of people who have been practising zen for many years have been invited by Jiun roshi to participate in this training, which will take at least three years. In this way a possibility is created for zen students who cannot train for a long period in the zen center, to intensify their practise such that in the future they will be able to guide people on the zen way as teachers.

From left to right: Myoko Sint, Marjita Timmer, Maria Fröhlich, Maria Steenman,
Jiun roshi, Myoshin Zeitler, Jolinda van Hoogdalem, Ronald Elink Schuurman, Marjolein Verboom

The second group of future primary education teachers, now studying at the Utrecht Academy, immersed themselves for two days in the zen life. The biggest surpise for many of them: how much time and energy you have left when you switch off your handy!