Autumn 2012

After a workweek during which a lot of work has been done, Noorder Poort was closed for two weeks.
In October Jiun roshi was operated again; this time to get a new right hip. The operation went well, but it will take quite a long time before she will be able to walk reasonably well. This is because during the first operation a muscle was damaged needed for standing and walking. Jiun roshi now still has a limp, but the expectation is that in the end she will recover quite well.

Many thanks for all the mail, flowers and sweets sent to Jiun roshi!

The Autumn Training from October 20 to November 18 was guided almost completely by Jishin osho, to the great satisfaction of the participants.

There was not yet much snow this winter, except during the rohatsu sesshin! What a gift to walk in the crisp snow.

The ponies Nina and Lola also went for a snow walk with Tenjo.

With our eyes on the future we marked the spot where in a couple of years we hope to build a new zendo.

Thanks to the hard work done in the past year - and before - by the New Land Circle, the procedure to change the development plan is now well under way.

from left to right Ton, Leonhard, Catherine, Modana, Peter en Ajit

We already started the implementation!
The development of the first part of the vegetable garden was started:

The south side was opened up to the new land:

Meanwhile, Klaas and Dity are busy mailing the newsletter to the Friends of Noorder Poort, which among others asks for volunteers to help in the garden and on the new land.

If you feel like volunteering, you're very welcome.

For the new year the best wishes of Jiun roshi and the team of Noorder Poort. See you later!