June 2015: finally an update!

Friday, June 12
What has happened since the end of October? This page contains some highlights, albeit not exactly in chronological order.

Four sangha members received the Bodhisattva Precepts:
Raymond in november 2014, Martina at the end of Rohatsu, Anne in February, and Alex in the subtropical heat of Miami



In January we said goodbye to Taido, who for health reasons had to return (we hope only temporarily) to her native country Australia.

While Jiun roshi was teaching in Miami, a number of sangha members from our various boards were trained by Modana in the Sociocratic Circle Organization Method. At Noorder Poort we are working with this organization method for many years, and we are happy with it. Eventually it will be introduced everywhere in the International Zen Institute.

And yet another highlight with pupils of the primary school in Wapserveen: on March 18, the national tree planting day, 18 pupils arrived by bicycle to plant a tree at Noorder Poort. Previously, at school they had made a name tag of clay to put by "their" tree.

In March, altogether 850 young trees and shrubs were planted!

Next, on April 12, there was a 'zen groups day' at Noorder Poort, organised by the International Zen Institute of the Netherlands, organised to give group members the opportunity to get to know each other as well as Noorder Poort. Just under a hundred people attended, from meditation groups all over Holland. One of the activities was a panel discussion; Jiun roshi, Jishin osho, Hogo Dienske, Myoko and Nelleke van Zessen were on the panel.

With so many people all activities were done in parallel groups: panel discussion, sitting, walking and simply talking with each other.


Just some more nice picture impressions of the workweeks, the vegetable garden and flying kites in the family retreat:



At the end of the May dai sesshin Maurits Hogo Dienske presented the first copy of his book to Jiun roshi.

Highly recommended to those who read Dutch:

(Keeping quiet about silence, speaking about Zen)

Published by: Freemusketeers, Zoetermeer
ISBN: 9 7890 4843 6941

And then, finally, on June 8 the first pile for the foundation of the Zen master house was driven into the ground.