February and March 2012

Almost the whole of February we are immersed in the winter training. Many silent periods of intensive meditation contribute to the development of insight and wisdom.

During the night we are regularly reminded of the way of wisdom by the calls of two long-eared owls. It takes until March before we succeed in making the above photograph!

Storks are regularly present on our land as well.

In March Jiun roshi undergoes total hip replacement surgery. For that reason, this year Jishin osho guides the weekend with the students of the Werkplaats Kees Boekeschool.

A work week is held under the enthusiastic guidance of Myoshin and Anneke, during which a lot of things get done:

trees are pruned and one is cut down,

and then the branches are fed to the chopper;

bedrooms get a fresh coat of paint;

the fencing around the garden of annual flowers is renovated;

the woodwork of the office house is thoroughly cleaned;

the chicken coop is moved...

... while Jiun roshi, on crutches, together with Taido takes care of moving the fencing around the pony meadow.

The wheather is so nice, that we can have our coffee breaks in the open air.

Inside, in the kitchen and the tea room, Shoren, Ushi and Christoph make sure that we are provided with good food and with drinks.

In short: a highly succesful work week. Thanks to all of you!