May 2012

Good news! In principle, the municipality supports our plans for the New Land: the landscape plan, a new zendo, the house for the zen master (a little bit closer to the main house, however): these plans can now be taken a step further, which is applying for a permit to partially change the development plan. Unfortunately, in this stage we do not get support for a cemetery. Neighbor Klaas already mowed some paths in the new land!

In the month of May we had our Spring training: a dai-sesshin, a daily life retreat and the kokoro-sesshin, which is becoming more and more popular.

Also in May was our yearly family retreat, as always fully booked and under the enthusiastic guidance of Jishin osho. How are we connected and how do things arise interdependantly? In a playful manner this was made clear to children (and parents) with balls of wool and long coloured threads.