November 2011

A few times a year Jolinda van Hoogdalem leads a ZenTaiji weekend at Noorder Poort.

Every year in November Jiun roshi leas a long zen weekend in Neumühle (Germany).

30 November 2011: Jiun roshi wordt 60 jaar.
On saturday November 26 a fundraising party was held for a new house for the zen master. It was a wonderful, uplifting afternoon, attended by about seventy students and friends of Jiun roshi.
Jishin osho presents her book of Buddhist childrens stories; all proceeds of the book will go to the zen master house. See also special.

After a wonderful concert by the vocal group Elysium, the afternoon was concluded with a fundraising dinner.

Whether the new zen master house will be realised? At least we cannot blame the donations: more than € 32.000,- was donated and if we add the proceeds of the book 'In the light of the moon', we arrive at almost € 50.000,-!

No life without death: on November 30 we had to say farewell to Kiki.