August 2014: kinhin paths and ponds, part 1

Monday, September 1
After a wonderful summertraining, on monday August 18 the construction of the kinhin paths and the new parking place and the digging of the ponds were started. Pictures tell more than words!

Paths and ponds are measured: company Hellinga starts its work.

Next, the land is egalized by company Dolsma.


Digging the parking place...


Project leader Leonhard

In the meantime, work is done in the vegetable garden and in the flower garden, trees are moved, the sauna is demolished and the living room is plastered!




The kitchen is working very hard to feed everyone well. With five Spanish sangha members at one time this also means: tortillas!

Every othe day Leonhard gives a guided tour to inform all the participants of the extra work practice weeks about the progress of the construction works.




After two weeks, the first five ponds have been dug. From north to south, pond 1 to 5: