March, April and May 2013

While Jiun roshi was teaching in Florida...

... at Noorder Poort preparations were made for the development of a vegetable garden. Finally! Many volunteers work hard to realize the vegetable garden.

Adriaan, Maria, Ajit, David, Bernadette en Modana

This year Jishin osho guides the weekend with students of The Werkplaats from Bilthoven.

In the beginning of April the Spring training starts. Festive highlights were the unsui ordination on April 28 of Astrid Weis, who from now on is called Koshin...

... and the precept ceremony of Mark on May, 5.

During the family retreat in May, the children plant lettuce, each with a paper flag on which a wish is written.

And of course, there is meditation as well!

Our old lawn mower could no longer handle the grass on the new land. Fortunately, a gift of the SVNP (Friends of Noorder Poort) made it possible to buy a new lawn mower. And who mows the kinhin paths? Who else but Klaas!

In the middle of May, Jiun roshi guided a Zen program for a secondary school who was new for Noorder Poort: De Breul from Zeist. For two days, there were twelve students and two teachers. To learn to meditate was far from easy! But happily there were breaks as well...

We hope that next year we may introduce a new group of students from this school to Zen and Buddhism.