Summer 2012

At the beginning of June all teachers of the International Zen Institute came to the Noorder Poort for their annual meeting: Soan and Jigen from Florida; Jokai, Shinkyo and Genri from Germany; Jishin, Hogo and Tenjo from Holland. And of course Jiun roshi was present as well.

Shingetsu had been seriously ill for months, but still her passing away on July, 30 came unexpected for all of us. We cherish our many warm memories of her and feel enormous gratitude for her many years of work for the sangha. From 1984 on she was a student of Prabhasa Dharma zenji.

On July, 14 Ana María Schlüter Rodés, Ki'un Roshi, lectured for a day on the theme 'Authentic Awakening', for a great and enthusiastic audience.

This time, we like to introduce the board of the Noorder Poort.

V.l.n.r. Jiun roshi, Erik, Jishin, Karin, Mineke, Modana, Sandra, Gocara en Philip.

In the last meeting, Karin retired from the board after having served as a treasurer for nine years. Sandra will replace her.

Summer: summertraining! It was, as always, a wonderful period. A number of students participated the whole month, and the last dai-sesshin was fully booked. And now that the first paths are mown and some chairs and benches have been placed, more and more often sitting and walking participants can be seen on our 'New Land'.

The intensive meditation doesn't only generate a lot of energy, it also takes a lot of energy. Fortunately, Marjita supported us as usual in this training period as a cook by providing good and tasty meals.