Summer 2013

Several kinds of lettuce, radishes, cauliflower, kohlrabi, parsley, coriander, carrots, zucchini, string beans, broccoli, red beets, en also the first potatoes:

Meals were always good, but with so much home grown vegetables, they are even better!

A good meal is best eaten in pleasant surroundings. During the work week, Anneke and Jiun roshi painted the dining hall in the colours prescribed by the colour design of Peter Vormer.

Also, new carpet was installed all over the ground floor.

In both work weeks the weather was fine and so coffee and tea were taken outside.

July 20 was the start of the summer training: how inspiring and supportive it is, time and time again, to be together in a retreat. Of course, being able to sit on a mat is wonderful, but if that is not possible, then you bring your own meditation chair, if need be on your bicycle!

Jiun roshi is extremely happy with her new 'Zenchair' on which, as she says, she can sit as of old!
Because of her enthusiam and her wish that everyone can sit optimally in the zen meditation posture, the Noorder Poort has become a retailer for this expensive but wonderful chair.

At the end of the last dai-sesshin of the summer training, Nettie and Sandra took the Bodhisattva precepts; a wonderful end of a good summer...

... which for Jiun roshi was not completely over yet: together with Jishin osho, she guided a weekend and a sesshin for the Spanish sangha in the monastery San Asensio in Spain.