Winter 2013

After our yearly New Years' reception for the village on January 6, the Noorder Poort was closed for two weeks. After that the yearly meeting of the meditation leaders was held, under the guidance of Jishin and Hogo. Together with Nico Tydeman sensei, Jiun Roshi led a two day meeting of Buddhist chaplains working for the department of justice in prisons.

Jiun Roshi also again led a two day program for students of the Institute Theo Thijssen in Amersfoort (a training college for future teachers).

For thirty years already a zen meditation group connected to our sangha has been practicing in the Dominican Monastery in Zwolle. Currently this group is enthusiastically guided by Ans van Gurp-Groenen. On February 9 this anniversary was celebrated with a symposium: 'Does Zen need Buddhism?'. The speakers were Jef Boeckmans (Toko-un roshi), Gretha Myoshin Aerts and Jiun Hogen roshi.

The same day in the evening the winter training started with a quiet residential and a daily life retreat.

Student following master?
On February 21, Taido also got a new hip and Jiun roshi visited her in hospital.

And the winter training ended with a well attended zen weekend and a go-sesshin.
On March 3 the training period was closed nicely with the precepts ceremony of Dity van der Valle.