January, February, March 2014

During the two week period in January that the zen center was closed, Jiun roshi started making a new cupboard for the dining hall. Designing, building, drilling holes, glueing:

and finally painting:

Inbetween there was a Dharma teacher training weekend, in which a spontaneous conversation arose about solving sudokus. Marjita made a cartoon about the subject:

In the same period the students of the Theo Thijssen school visited for a few days to receive inspiration, and the meditation leaders of IZIN held their annual meeting.

Next came the winter training from February 8 to March 4, for the first time with two consecutive go-sesshins. The first was guided by Jiun roshi, the second by Jishin osho. If you missed this chance to sit for a longer period: in november we'll do it again.

Immediately afterwards Jiun roshi went to Florida for several meetings in the Dharma House and for a sesshin in Micanopy.

At the end of the sesshin Jennifer Roden took the precepts.


And... from now on Klaas will fetch you from the station in this bus, finally with our logo!